Your Flow Is Like Jumping On BART

I first noticed Z-man on the Cues Hiphop Shop comp. He was rapping over this beat Vrse Murphy did with Dj Marz on the cut and it was champ as fuck. It was my favorite track on the compilation. I wish I still had that comp, that shit was dope. Anyways fastforward a couple years and Z-man releases Dope Or Dogfood through Heiro. That album got slept on and now we have a bitter and broke Z-man who decides to take out some of his frustion by rapping over G-Pek’s beats. Listen to the hyphens team up.

Crumb Of The Bay
Z-man keeps it real by not selling records or getting paid by promoters and rapping about it.

Young Drunk America
This song supports Jesus by answering that age old question: Where the fuck the henny at? G-pek sprinkling some electronic bubbles over some bumping bass, it’s good stuff.

Rippitry ft Eddie K & Trunks
Three rappers with two minutes and twenty-three seconds of rippitry. You’d think it would be longer but this is all the rippitry you get.

The album runs deep with 25 tracks, some are angry songs about girls so if you like to cry you’ll enjoy those. The Gingerbread man shows up on this shit too. I’m not all that juiced about the gingerbread man. I get tired of that shit, it’s like a little kid trying to act hard. Shit might be cute the first time but that’s it. Anyways you should buy this album because rap music needs your support.

You can cop this album at all three Amoebas or get your paypal on and send twelve dollars to If your scared of paypal then you can mail that shit to Thuggy Fresh, peep the link for more info.

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