King Of The Underground

these might be country rap tunes but this is about as hiphop as it fucking gets. If you want to front on bun well then don’t ever bother reading this website ever again because you’re a worthless piece of shit.

What I like about this song is mostly the simplicty in it. Bun by himself, no guest verse, no trendy production, no fancypants chorus, just Bun letting you know that you can’t fuck with that as the beat gets cut up, it’s as trill as it gets.

If for some dumbass reason you don’t know Bun’s history then listen to The Story. He breaks down the history of UGK. From their beginnings in PA to getting fucked over by Jive to Pimp getting locked up to the creation of this album.

The Story

On some messageboard somewhere I once compared Bun to MF Doom in that compared to many who came up in their time these two have been able to maintain they skills and stay relevent to their respective scenes. In hiphop where rappers fall off by the 12″ it’s rare to see someone with such talent constantly coming dope as fuck with it. Fuck Rolling Stone’s shitty ass list of whats going to be the big releases this fall. Trill is where shit is at, cop that shit on tuesday because it’s worth more than all the other overhyped albums coming out. Hopefully Rap-A-Lot gets their fucking heads out of their asses and actually makes vinyl readily available for this. The list of guests on this album is fucking ridiculous. Everyone submitted some shit out of respect for one the legends that might never get a dumbass hiphop honor chain.

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