C. Delores Tucker’s Epitaph

C. Delores Tucker: She downed “Copkiller” but was down with Catkillers

“Delores Tucker, youse a motherfucker Instead of tryin to help a nigga you destroy a brother.” – 2Pac, right there destroying Tucker’s sex life

“I met up with this girl named Delores, a prankster I said I MC, she said ‘you’re a gangster” – A Channel Live guy

“Tell that C. Delores Tucker sl*t to suck a dick” – Eminem

“But free speech pollination kept bee’s colonizing in hives
And stung Delores Tucker right in her pride” – A Cunninlynguists guy

“Delores Tucker gave me head up in the fed prison” – Tragedy

“I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers: Senator Bob Dole and C. Delores Tucker” – Ras Kass

“Fuck Delores Tucker, fuck Oprah Winfrey” – Mr. Serv-On

“So, tell that bitch Delores Tucker to suck a niggaz dick” – W.C.

KRS-One feat. Channel Live – Free Mumia

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