from my head down to my shoes

Former So Many Shrimp-posting rap fan and fellow Chicagoan Erick decided to make a 5 disc box set of southern rap music he titled ‘Rep Your City.’ I’m gonna post the tracklist here. If you have constructive criticism post that shit in the comments box. We love to hear it. Just remember that its the subjective views of a guy from Chicago. So don’t get mad because MC Squarepants didn’t make the list. I’ll post the other 4 discs later on if people still give a shit. Oh yeah Erick made the cover art too, daps.

Disc 1: New Orleans / Louisiana
00 Intro – Master P’s Theater (excerpt)
01 Master P – Make ‘Em Say Ugh
02 Choppa – Hot Piece
03 Silkk the Shocker ft. Trina – That’s Cool
04 504 Boyz ft. C-Murder – Wobble Wobble
05 Fiend – Talk It Like I Bring It
06 Tru – Hoody Hoo
07 Snoop Dogg feat C-Murder and Magic – Down For My Niggas
08 Mystikal – Y’All Ain’t Ready Yet
09 UNLV – Drag Em ‘n’ the River
10 Hot Boys – We On Fire
11 Big Tymers – #1 Stunna
12 BG ft. Big Tymers – Bling Bling
13 BG ft. Big Tymers – Hennessey and Ecstasy
14 Lil’ Wayne ft. Baby, Mack 10 and Mikkey – Shine
15 Juvenile – Set It Off
16 Rebirth Brass Band ft. Soulja Slim – You Don’t Wanna Go to War

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