It’s Finna Get Real Skurry Up In Here

Body Parts 3 ft Crunchy Black, Boogey Mane, Frayser Boy, Lil Whyte, Chrome, Grandaddy Souf, Juicy J, Project Pat, DJ Paul

The posse cut is probably one of the greatest things about hiphop that other genres can’t ever really fuck with. No one wants to hear ten different dudes in tight pants cry about sweaters and the girls that ruined them on one track, well at least I don’t. But you give me 4 or more rappers ripping one track I’m fucking happy as hell. Fuck content I don’t give a shit if it’s The Symphony or Farmers Market Of The Beast I am all over that shit. If you’re crew can’t make a dope posse cut you don’t deserve to have a fucking crew.

Don’t Violate ft Frayser Boy

Scurry pianos and threats to all you bitches acting bad, what else would you expect from the triple six.

Side 2 Side

A song for all you dudes that don’t dance because dancing is fucking stupid. This song really hits home for me. I feel that Three 6 Mafia really wanted to reach out to me and it’s very touching because I can listen to this song and know that Juicy J, Dj Paul, and Crunchy Black truly do care about me. I never knew they cared so much. Now someone just needs to make a song about drinking till you pass out in your own vomit.

Knock The Black Off Your Ass ft Project Pat

When Project Pat isn’t beating the ugly off your face he’s knocking the black off your ass. Just like I love posse cuts I love songs about beating motherfuckers up. Sure it maybe childish but I don’t care I like that shit so fuck off with that bullshit. Project Pat needs to release an album tomorrow.

go buy this shit because Three 6 Mafia doesn’t make weak ass songs with shitty r&b singers trying to get over with guest rappers.

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