It Feels So Great Wearing Leather

on a horse of steel
(now it’s just a link because people can’t take the power of metal loading everytime)

This video is possibly one of the greatest rock videos ever made. Not only are there longhairs without shirts but there are motorcycles, cops, and blonde women whipping their hair around. This fucking video is like the rock version of your typical hiphop video except suv’s on 20’s have been replaced with motorcycles.

sorry but I’m sick and the people of New Orleans are suffering like crazy right now. The only thing bringing me any sort of amusement in that shirtless bastard singing about how their here to kick some goddamn ass. Can you feel the power of the wheel? I sure as fuck can.

Go to Am I High and peep the Stay Fly Remix featuring Slim Thug, Trick Daddy, and Project Pat. Slims verse is dope as shit.

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