Yeah so now its cool to like Kanye again huh? No but seriously this dude just keeps dropping the truth and people hate so hard they go as far as to argue that he’s just ‘trying’ to look like a conscious rapper. Also, I could do without anyone mentioning again to me that Kanye’s got an ego as if that’s news or some sort of fatal flaw that makes his music unlistenable or his opinions invalid.

Also killing it – O-Dub who says what the fuck everyone SHOULD be saying that no one (Kanye aside) is. I was just arguing with these folks from work in some serious denial about this, but when you see these people struggling for food and water and THEIR LIVES and 99% of them are black you SHOULD start to ask some fucking questions about why this happened.

People who say this isn’t about race are living outside of reality.

Serg agrees.

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