40 oz’ers represent

bayview liquors always makes the perfect background for any photoshoot

88 mane, so yeah awhile back my homie Marz rolls through and hooks me up with some new Eddie K. I burned it real quick so I don’t know what the fuck the album is called or even the names of the songs on it. For those that don’t know Eddie K is down with the Bulletproof Space Travlers, straight out of San Franpistol but reppin that GurpCity Chico connection. If you’re not up on Bulletproof then you need to get your turntablism game up.

Track 1

Opening track on the album that starts off with some dusty horns that I think are from some spaghetti western but I’m not sure. They sounds like some Ennio Morricone type steez but don’t hold me to that I’m just guessing here. It’s like a fucking call to arms, Eddie K come strapped with a dope verse and bottle of E&J.

Throw That West ft Young Bruno

This is probably my favorite track on the album and happens to be the only title that I know on the album. The beat is pretty stripped down, some deep drums, that sweeping synth, some handclaps and then those church bells dropping in for that extra touch of darkness. Eddie K doing it up for all the gurped out kids from the bay to the central valley. No fancy bullshit just straight rapping and repping that west till the mic bleeds. It’s fucking great.

Another Anthem

I don’t know if this song is actually called that but fuck it lets just run with that. Eddie K coming with that dramatic club joint. Great for getting drunk and just wildin out, fuck those softhanded motherfuckers breaking out the cristal trying to get cute at the club. Eddie K is rapping for the dudes that drink on the cheap and get fucked up off that cisco hobo wine.

Track 2

Speeding up the rap over that low budget electronic beat, just a few stutters away from being on some pop and glitch shit. Calling out all the retardo rappers who sound like Nelly Fertado, thank god, I hate that dumb bitch.

The album is 11 tracks deep and man I think it’s fucking dope. I hope someone picks this up because it really needs to be heard. There are some banging cuts that I didn’t post because the sound quality was shitty. The cd I got wasn’t properly mixed down so I held off on that. There is one cut that I assume is called The Bay that is cute as fuck. Someone needs to get Eddie K some radio play. Shit at the very least get his ass on some mixtapes. He’s got more style than a lot of these motherfuckers in the spotlight right now.

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