Because Mac Lethal won’t shut up about it.

Apparently when you drive to scribble jam they play this song on the radio the whole time. But since you suck at internetting you have to constantly IM me with bullshit like PURPLE DRANK! Even though I have never heard this song till yesterday. This probably doesn’t matter to most of you people but I think Mac lethal is dumb and lazy. Seriously, why the fuck did this dude make that stupid bamboo lounge song?

Paul Wall – Got Dat Drank ft Frayser Boy & Mike Jones

I guess this song is a single or someshit, I’m assuming off Frayser boy’s shit since he goes first and this is obviously a 3-6 beat. I’m not sure so who knows it may show up on pauls album too but don’t count on that because I could and probably am wrong as fuck. This mp3 is off the Kool Kid and Paul Wall mixtape – Sitting Sidewayz. I’m sure you can cop that shit at any mixtape spot.

The song is pretty cute. If you can’t tell from the title or the obvious lyrics this shit is about sippin lean. I’ve never sipped lean and I don’t really want too. Being disoriented and dizzy just doesn’t sound fun to me. I drink beer because it’s reliable. I know where I’m headed and I know when I’m going to fall down. I don’t need to drank to make passing out seem really slow, but Texas loves them drugs. I don’t think I’ve ever met more drug addicts then when I was in Texas. Well except for Arizona meth heads. I guess the humidity and cheap bricks of weed at the border will do that to you.

Oh and here is C Rayz rapping about how he wants to be white BUT WITH PUPPETS!

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