Yin-Yang Twins

Skull Duggery – Where You From (feat. Silkk and Master P) – Skull Duggery might have only been like the eleventh best rapper in the post-Richmond No Limit camp, but he was the only one to be named after a Steppenwolf album. That has to count for something. Seriously though, Noz at Cocaine Blunts has been killin it with the early-to-mid No Limit for the past week. I was waiting out to see if he’d post this one, my favorite non-Mystikal, non-Mia X, non-“Bout It, Bout It” No Limit track. There’s hardly anything exemplary about this song, aside from its uncharacteristic crunk-ness, just everybody doing what they do best: KLC bringing heat on the boards, Skull bringing that fat-man terroristic tone, Silkk being unobtrusive, and P bringing his familiar, welcome platitudes (the bout it/rowdy “rhyme,”for instance). And the hook, or rather, hooks. Each of the song’s three hooks, all handled by Percy, could have (and probably have) been the driving force for a lesser, if otherwise good, track. Javon, one of my high school friends, used to bark, alternatingly, “I’m a (fill in Louisville neighborhood) nigga so fuck y’all niggas” and “Bitch get awwfmeh, Bitch get awwfmeh” every day in Ms. Hall’s Chemistry class. That was actually kinda annoying. But it was testament to the infectiousness of this combination of hooks.

This song is off Skull’s second album, These Wicked Streets, which is pretty horrible. But, as I recall, his first one had its moments.

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches – Not much to say about this. I just felt that I needed something to balance out the ferociousness of the last track. You’ll appreciate a Swedish pop star with a Neneh Cherry/JJ FAD/L’Trimm flow doing brag/sex raps over a thumping electro beat. Or maybe you won’t. My opinion: this shit bangs!

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