One Of The Hardest

This past sunday I got to see Saafir rap. I almost didn’t go because I have no money but I figured shit fuck it when the hell else am I going to be able to see Saafir. Rap is more important that buying crap like food. We rolled up to milk and they had the UPN van out front playing episodes of distortion 2 static. The D2S kids threw the show, they got some shit going down at milk like 2 sundays out of the month. The club wasn’t super packed but I figured it’s sunday and I didn’t hear shit about it until last week. I grab some beers and bullshit with some folks until someone starts rapping. Kirby Dominate hit the stage with Hypnotic The Native Son on hypeman duties. I was trippin off Hypnotic being there because I hadn’t listened to his shit in years. I use to jam the fuck out of his Iternal Symmetry tape. Kirby did some older shit and then got into some new material he was working on that was on some 80’s shit. I liked the set but that might be because I got some free alcohol out of his performance when he rapping about ballin and started pouring champagne in cups.

After Kirby’s set, some delaying and figuring which of the two shitty mics to use Saafir finally hit the stage. Started off talking about how he’s back and all that. He says he’s got new shit and it’s time for him to bring back the lyrics to this shit. At that point I started to think oh this is going to be crap. He says he doesn’t really want to do old material and wants to show how he’s changed and has new shit. That sounded really suspect but then he went into Battle Drill and that was pretty fucking cute to finally hear live. Then he went into a bunch of newer shit that he was working on. One song was about cops, that one was pretty dope. Then there was a song called “Cash Me Out” and “Crispy.” Overall the show was dope but I think me being excited over it had more to do with finally being able to hear Saafir live than his actual performance. After the show I picked up this cd for 5 bucks:

Yeah like it says, it’s archived material from 97-02. It features some Golden State songs that never saw the light of day. For those that are stupid and didn’t pay attention to westcoast underground supergroups from the mid 90’s that never came to be Golden State was Ras Kass, Saafir, and Xzibit. Fucking sucks that these dudes never managed to release shit because in 1996 this sounded like it could have been the dopest shit ever. Before the days when Xzibit was more concerned with trying to pimp Krondon’s career.

I’m going to post half of the songs off this short cd because I figured I’d just throw up all the Golden State tracks. The most of the other songs are about women anyways and those songs are stupid. My favorite track off the cd would have to be Back Up Off Me. I think that line about how Xzibit wants to do Brittney like Bobby did Whitney is hilarious. It’s Official sounds a too much like some predictable single material. Overall the material isn’t mindblowing but if you are at all interested in Golden State I suggest you check this shit.

Back Up Off Me

It’s Official

Touch Somebody

Less Work

You can now buy this cd from SoFarWest so pay them a visit if you need more saafir in your life.

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