Bay Area Rap Bloggery

Man I don’t know where all these blogs came from but there has been a whole new crop of bay area rap related blogs. I figured I’d throw up a couple links for those of you who don’t want to wait for hipsters from new york to put you up on some regional raps six months from now.

Get Stoopid
About six posts deep and it’s all bay shit, short, 40, turf, mistah fab, da theory, federation, keak, san quinn, and thuglordz. I don’t know about his love for yukmouth. To me Yukmouth is like an angry toddler who just wants attention. Yeah thuglordz has it’s moments but overall I think it’s a boring record. Whatever though that’s my opinion. This blog just started up and so far he’s got some cutesy mp3’s up so I’d recommend peeping.

The Bay Finta Blow
Some young kid, well he’s 20 but when he talks about how he was 15 in 2000 and heard e-40 for the first time I start to feel old. His name is Oliver Monday, sounds like he could be a character on Mr Rogers. Which now that I think about it sounds like a great idea. Some puppet coming out of the castle to school King Friday on some slumpers. Fuck Elaine Fairchilde, they need to replace her ass with Oliver Monday.

Put together by this dude Doxx how has a gang of interviews and such. He had a newsletter called No Joke and a magazine by the name of Strivin. Doxx has interviews with JT, Lateef, Cougnut, Dre dog, and Tayda Tay, which reminds me that I need to post up TaydaTay’s song Cutty Bang. He’s also got a bunch of profiles, reviews and even a letter from Mac Dre. Tons of shit to read.

Pacific Standard
I think this one is mostly maintained by Rawj of Feenom Circle. It’s been around for a minute now, content varies from mp3’s, links, interviews, shows, or whatever is going down.

Laundromat United

Capski and Lambo, two dudes who hangout at b-sides a lot. Go there and get that E-40 – Pussy Niggaz mp3. They got mixes and shit too.

Cult Status
because even those that aren’t in the bay anymore still rep it like a motherfucker.

I’m sure there are some more out there than I’m forgetting but that’s what comments are for so that internetters can tell me I’m dumb.

2 responses to “Bay Area Rap Bloggery

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