True Grime Vol 1

You grime fans might like this mix, True Crime. I just saw it posted on so I figured I might as well throw it up on here since some of you like this stuff. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but some of the songs I’ve heard before, David may or may not have posted them. I don’t know who the dudes are that made the mix but they have a website called Hostile.Ca. I guess they are some canadian djs who like fancy pants drum & bass and grime. I’m pretty indifferent about either genre although I’ll admit I’ll listen to some grime every now and then. I really don’t give a fuck about drum and bass though. peep the tracklisting below.

1. Bubble Riddim – Sean C
2. Wot u call it? – Wiley
3. Chorus! – Crissy Criss & fumin
4. Sing along (remix) – Crazy Titch
5. Bring Arms Out – Kano Feat. Demon
6. Stand up tall – Dizzee Rascal
7. Womans World – Shystie
8. Bounce – Roll Deep Crew
9. Forward Riddim – Lethal Bizzle Feat. Fumin, napper, d double, jermakabi
10. Forward Riddim (remix) – Lethal B Feat Kardinal Official
11. Cock Back – Nasty Crew Feat. Crazy Titch
12. Pick yourself up – Wiley
13. Creeper Hoe – Danny Weed
14. Madness – Fumin, Crissy Criss & Dfrnt
15. Hype Hype – Flirta D Feat. Van Damage
16. Cheeky Remix – Lady Sovereign
17. When I’m Ere – Roll Deep Crew
18. Reload – Kano Feat. D Double E & Demon
19. Fit But you Know it – The Streets
20. Blam – Crissy Criss
21. Skit – Enemee & Sean C
22. Beat The Witness (Secret Dnb Track) – Target

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