Bang Bang

I saw a reissue of this for sale at turntablelab and I had forgotten I had this 12″. Apparently the shit got pulled off shelves over sample clearance issues which sucks because that’s what makes the beat so fucking dope. The song samples the Intruders’ “Cowboys to Girls.” Whatchu know about some oldies? This shit almost takes me back to Lowrider World Tours and bikini contests.

The 12″ came out like 3 years ago, it’s just been reissued so you can cop that shit. If you want the first issue good luck because I don’t think there are too many out there.. A friend of mine first played this for me after a trip to Amoeba but I found my own copy in a used bin at record store in the Mission. Peep game because the song is dope as hell and probably the most interesting thing Big Noyd has done in a while.

Shoot’em Up (Bang Bang)

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