Semi Official

So this 12″ was released like 2 years ago but I don’t think this album has gotten the props that it really deserves. Semi Official is I Self Devine and Dj Abilities. You may should know of I Self Devine through his work with Micranots or the Dynospectrum tapes. Rhymesayers put this out but unfortunatly girls don’t love him like they love Slug’s penis.

The first time I heard Semi.Official was at Scribble Jam 2003. They performed a very short two song set that was fucking awesome. I didn’t even know who was on stage. What happened was my girlfriend, skratch bastid and I had just worked our way near the stage because we knew Doom was about to come on. Well before he came out Semi.Official got on. I wasn’t even really paying attention until I see Dibbs jump into the crowd trying to start a pit but all the scribble kids got scared. Well me not being one to turn down a chance to hit a white guy I decided to man up. I smash into Dibbs and next thing I know I’m getting blindsided by Skratch Bastid. Fucking whiteboys always trying to mob on a brown kid. For the short ass set we had one small ass pit that consisted of 3 people; Dibbs, Bastid and me. After that shit neither I or Bastid could figure out who was on stage. I just assumed it was someone named Mc Self Centered, sorry I thought a rapper named MC Self Centered was funny. Someone should name themselves that.

so yeah that’s my story and I just drank a six of pyramid and two pitchers of stella artois so here are some mp3s and more shitty stories. Yo and fuck anyone that wants to front on 1200 hobos, Abilities is killing this shit.


Songs In The Key Of Tryfe Ft MF Doom

Police Assassination Athem

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