Reef The Lost Cauze: Invisible Empire

West Philly native Reef the Lost Cauze independently put out his album “Invisible Empire” in 2003 to quite a bit of critical acclaim in Philly. Unfortunately, due to really limited distribution (i.e. none), the album never really made its way too far out of Philly, but there’s some serious gems up on that shit (some of which I’ve posted below). If you’ve been lucky enough to see Reef perform recently, you’d also be privy to the fact that this dude is as charismatic and entertaining a performer as you’re likely to see grasping a mic. Dude demands your attention and doesn’t let go of it. Reef is also part of a crew called the Juju Mob with Philly underground legend Chief Kamachi and Pittsburgh-based MCs Charon Don, and State Store. The Juju Mob put out an album in June called “Black Candles” that has been making some waves in the underground, but Reef is poised to leave the realm of the underground behind with his new solo album. The new album entitled “Feast or Famine” is slated to come out on Good Hands Records in mid-October and it’s got its fair-share of true school bangers, thought-provoking cuts, and solid production. Definitely cop it when it drops. As for now, peep this shit from the “Invisible Empire” album.

This is My Life

This is the obligatory “coming up was hard” track that you will find on a lot of rap albums, but Reef handles the subject matter gracefully and the track progresses perfectly without ever feeling clichéd. Luckily, Reef refrains from being too melodramatic and does a great job of working with the somber beat. It’s just an all-around solid song and a good introduction as to what this dude is capable of.

Follow the Drum

Eyego Direct on the beat and it’s some murder. Reef getting his lazy, charismatic flow on. Basically just some raw gangsta shit without talking about raw or overly-clichéd gangsta shit.

The Puzzle

Reef’s attempt at a “down-south” track is really weird. The beat is synthy and bloopy, but certainly not in a Lil’ Jonor Jazze Phae synthy and bloopy way. But, regardless, I think it works. Reef’s faux-southern accent sounds believable (or at least sincere), and his slow flow is oh so seductive. Dude is killing it.

I Can’t Begin to Tell Ya

This is Reef at his best. Minimal Eyego Direct beat that Reef rides perfectly, spitting really fucking hard. I love this shit.

Angels Sing

Another obligatory melancholy rap track. Reef holds his own on this, but the Eyego beat is really what’s good with this track. I just fucking love the beat.


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