Mestizo + Mike Gao = BlindFaith

Man I ment to throw this post up like two weeks ago but didn’t. Anyways this is my homie Mestizo’s new record. He hooked up with Mike Gao, one of galapogos4’s youngest recruits on the production tip to crank this record out. I don’t know how many of you peeped Mestizo’s last record, Life Like Movie, but dude is mad talented. His style is primarily based in underground westcoast but then it’s also kind of merged with some of the G4 sound which is good. He has definetly developed his skills from the days when we were just two pissed off kids in the desert hanging out at hiphop shows hating on the state of Arizona hiphop. Peep game because I fucking told you too.

Mestizo & Mike Gao – Redden Rise snippet

Mestizo & Mike Gao – Mr. Enthusiastic snippet

Mestizo & Mike Gao – Bad Impressionist snippet

Mestizo & Mike Gao – Shattered Glass Girl snippet

Mestizo & Mike Gao – Pick Up 52’s snippet

snippets come via the Galapagos4 messageboard

Eyes See Through You

When The Camera’s Off

Couple of tracks off of Mestizo’s first album Life Like Movie. I love that touch of distortion in Eyes See Through You, it works well the way Mestizo steps up his flow at times over that flute. Mestizo tears through the track pulling phrases and dropping them into the song where he feels they make the most sense. No story telling or any of that bullshit, it’s a race through this stream of concious rap that feels like he’s barely able to keep it from becoming a trainwreck of words. When The Camera is produced by fancypants Maker who if you’re not up on then you need to be because his beats are ugly as hell.

Oh and if you’re in the area roll through Milk on August 8 for some fun raps.

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