Who Said We Ain’t Dope Dealing Wizards!

Mayne hold up, I’m in the dirty got this bitch sowed up. Government Names have posted up about this album already but I’m throwing this up on the shrimp because motherfuckers just don’t know about the greatness that is Big Tuck and the DSR boys. Shit just look at the cover, I fucking hate the color purple but that shit is just clean as fuck. If this came on vinyl I’d frame the fucker. DSR had a performance at SXSW that I fucking missed because I was off bullshitting with my old roomate and watching the Shapeshifters when I should have been getting buck with some Texas rap. Whatever though, during my trip I picked up this cd at Music Mania because I lag at ordering off the internet. I’d been meaning to post up about it but much like I suck at ordering I also suck at posting mp3’s for the idiots who read this crappy website.

South Side Da Realest (extended version)

Big Tuck letting you know that he truly is a dope dealing WIZARD, not a fucking warlock but a goddamn wizard, so don’t you ever fucking question that shit. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? Fuck being hard, Tuck carries a motherfucking wand. When I first heard that line I just bust out laughing, I like the song and all but seriously man, drug dealing wizards??? Were you really jocking harry potter that hard? Fuck this is hiphop, not goddamn dugeon and dragons. But whatever I guess that’s what happens when you can’t stop the hustle with a Blair witch spell. Shit what else would you expect when going up against a fucking wizard.

Tussle ft Tum-Tum

Tuck and Tum Tum just getting rowdy as fuck over this beat. It’s fucking great. I especially like the part where they scream “FUCK YOU” because I like to drive around day care’s just blasting that shit. The folks at the Ikea parking lot this past weekend loved it.

These Niggas Ain’t Real ft Trae and Z-Ro

Kind of a strange match up of styles, Big Tuck with his one line shouting where it sounds like he’s just running through his breath before he reloads to break you off with the next line up against Trae and Z-ro’s smoother style which seems to be based more off singing and the fluctuations in thier tones. I’d say their style is close to Bone’s but unlike Bone they don’t suck and they actually have pauses because they rap instead of just change their tones quickly to stream together whatever words they are trying to squeeze out. Tuck does easy up on the one line shit and flows better than usual but he’s still not flowing like them guerilla mob boys. If only Adeem could flow like Trae and Z-ro then Carson Daily would have sucked his dick on TV.

Boyz In Da Dirty ft Tum-Tum, Fat B, and Lil J

The DSR cover of the classic Boyz In Da Hood. Boy you should have known by now, Teezy does it.

This cd comes with a dvd but much like most cd/dvd the dvd fucking sucks. Although it’s no where near as bad as watching the messy marv dvd where marv tries to pimp at some whitebread ass club down here in SF. This one just has some shitty footage and too many hypemen trying to shine when they should be shutting the fuck up. Go buy this album from t-town music, which is just a store/magazine for the DSR dudes. Anything affilated to them you can get for a decent price there but anything outside of that is jacked, fucking 20 bucks not including shipping, fuck that shit.

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