Ghetto Stash Video

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I posted about this 12″ back in january but today I found out they filmed a video for this motherfucker. The video is pretty straight forward, Eddie K and Quest mobbing around San Francisco. When I saw the footage from Milk I realized how far back they recorded this shit. I’m actually in the fucking video throwing my hands in the air like I just don’t care because I am an idiot. Fuck I forgot about that show, it was mad fun, Eddie K and Z-Man opened the show going hard over some crunk shit. I think that show footage is from like the end of last year. Gurp City is repping all through the video with Z-Man, Mc Oroville, Topr, Marz and others making appearences.

The code I used to insert the video in the post was jacked from myspace so that’s probably why everything on the site is all centered and fucked up. Oh well fuck it, watching rap is more important than websites.

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