Peedi Peedi

Pedro Crakk is the ‘rican in the middle.

My boy copped DJ E.Nyce’s new “Prince of the Roc Part 2” Peedi Crakk mixtape. Apparently, Peedi dropped the “Crakk” from his name and is now just “Peedi Peedi.” Whatever. The mixtape has its moments and is definitely worth your $5 to $7 investment. I posted some highlights below. Buzz around Peedi is that he’s really one of the few new dudes on Roc-A-Fella with Star potential. I mean, to an extent, I can see it. Dude is charismatic as fuck and just plain ol’ fun on the mic. His flow is ridiculous and his voice is hella distinct, but I think he’s a bit too street for any real cross-over appeal (i.e. girls probably aren’t gonna buy his record). Whatever though. Dude can rap his ass off.

Apparently bol has a website, too. I didn’t know that until two seconds ago. Fuck. And now I just realized that all of these mp3s are posted over there, too. Fuck. Oh well. Enjoy anyway.

    Let’s Go” Produced by Swizz Beatz
    – Peedi is effin’ killing this shit. Flowing his silly ass off, sayin’ dumb shit like “I’m a ‘Rican and I’m eatin’ and you leakin’ on your chain” but killin’ it anyway. Swizz’s lil’ minor-key chord progression on the hook is a bit stupid, but fuck it.

    Your Eyes
    – Pedro says “She put a lot of kisses on the stick I use to potty” over Timbo’s “Potion” beat for Luda. ‘Nuff said.

    Monopoly” Featuring Jim Jones
    – Some ol’ gangsta shit with Peedi and my Byrd Gang look alike and some sucky dude at the end.

    Heat Roc
    – A quick freestyle with dumb hot shit like “Me and my brother came out my brother with heat cocked.” Hah!

    A New Day
    – An attempt at a song that is more than just flow and silly noises. Too bad it’s only one verse. “See me postin’ on Diamond.” Hot nonetheless.

Cop the mixtape here.


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