Speed Of Life

Before Xzibit was making soft club tracks for girls from the suburbs who dream of getting their cars pimped with weak ass neon lights and shitty ground effects that went out of style 10 years ago the dude put out on of my favorite albums. I never thought this album really got the props it deserved so I decided to throw it up on here. His video for Paparazzi use to get some minimal play on MTV but that was about it. Oh how I miss the days when Xzibit just stood in the background of the likwit crew holding a shotgun, well at least that’s what the alkaholiks said he did.

Carry The Weight

One of my favorite tracks off this shit, I use to come home after dealing with the stupidest girlfriend I ever had and just rock the fuck out of this song. Some how trying to make my self feel better by trying to relate my high school anger to Xzibit’s story of growing up being treated like shit.

The Foundation

You know in high school when you get some teacher who really wants to teach you the value of poetry so they decide to get hip and make you do some project where students pick songs and figure out all the metaphors that make that shit a poem so that kids will think wow, my shitty pop song is almost a poem. Well my teacher did that shit and I picked this song and the Gza’s “Swordsman.” She told me the Gza song was weird but the Xzibit song was “nice.” Probably because that piano is just so fucking heartwarming.

Plastic Surgery ft Saafir and Ras Kass

Another dope team up from some westcoast underground cats that could never get their shit together to release a dope ass album. For years I use to pray that a Golden State Warriors album would finally drop but every goddamn year I was left with disappointment. Because of this I learned a valuable lesson, when it comes to rappers making dope stuff don’t ever fucking believe them because rappers are fucking lying cunts who love to toy with the hopes of teenage hiphop kids.

DJ Muggs – Decisions, Decisions ft Goodie Mob

Off that Soul Assassins joint that Muggs dropped a few years back. This song came up when I had my playlist on random and I had forgotten how much I liked it so I decided to throw it up on here. Goodie still in their prime, before they released that wack as fuck World Party bullshit. Just rocking it over that dusty crackling piano loop.

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