Low Profile

Back in 1989 Ice T decided to help put on WC and Dj Aladdin, they released this album on Priority. Back then WC was so much more carefree and full of life, much like a new born fawn skipping along the hillside. He rapped with such beautiful tranquility. Oh it warms my heart with sunshine to listen to this album. Sometimes I like to take this album along when I have picnics or write poetry in the park, it’s wonderful, you should try it. Before he was ever the Ghetto Heisman or even Coolio’s dad he was sporting those cheap ass Russell sweaters you get at kmart with some faded ass black jeans and a one size fits all raiders hat. Who knew that this young fawn would grow up to become the Shadiest One. Oh how WC’s sweet innocence was lost much like when Bambi saw his father die. Aladdin who much like Thumper brings emense joy and purpose to WC’s music as he works his sp1200 and 808 to create some of that sample based westcoast sound but laced with that 89 scratch before anyone gave two shits about turntablism.

Pay Ya Dues
We’re In This Together

Aladdins On A Rampage

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