Crunk & Grime

My girlfriend actually won this CD off of Semtex’s site and I decided to check it out of curiosity. The mix of styles makes sense so I was interested how Semtex planned on flipping that shit. I’ve never actually listened to any of Semtex’s stuff, no matter how much Matt told me too. Anyways I threw this in the headphones for the walk to work and was surprised that I like it as much as I do. You do get some of those cheeseball grime lyrics but for the most part the mix works. Semtex actually kicks off the mix with some commentary from the DamageControl show when they had Dizzee on and he ends it with the Gritboys and Dizzee freestyle from that same show. The first three tracks are over Lil Jon’s What You Goin Do beat and then he plays Lil Jon’s acapella over some grime beat that I don’t know. I don’t like the beat they chose for that remix, the drums are ok but it’s got this electronic squeak that just sounds stupid over a song that’s about fighting.

Crime Mob – Nuck If You Warp

My favorite track on this shit is probably this remix of Nuck If You Buck, they play the instrumental over some other grime beat that I don’t know either. It’s sounds pretty dope compared to darker more stripped down original. I don’t like when some of these grime beats start to sound like fucking circus music but this beat has the aggressiveness it needs for a song like this.

Crazy Titch – Crunk Along

This joint with some dude whose name I actually recognize but I don’t know anything about him over the Nuck If You Buck beat. Little touch of distortion in the vocals with plenty of punch in’s from Crazy Titch. Semtex backspinning on the parts he thinks you need to hear more than once. He follows that song with Ludacris’s number one song that I fucking hate because it’s so stupid. It’s like ludacris’s attempt at making some dumbass circus music. Fucking Kardinal Official is on this cut too? I thought his career had gone the way of snow. Just another Canadian rapper that no one cared to remember, but I guess I was wrong.

Kardinal Official – Fast FWD

Now I know I just no one gives a shit about Kardinal Official but that was before I remembered he wrecked this song. I was really surprised this was him on this track, fuck it’s Kardinal Official, I’m not suppose to give a fuck about hearing him rap. As much as I’m surprised to actually like one of his tracks I’d have to say I like this song mostly because of the beat which apparently is the “forward riddim”. I don’t give a fuck about keeping up with that riddim shit, there are too many out there for me to care what the fuck they are called. Shit only reason I recognize this beat is because David posted a video for this shit once. Semtex uses this beat for the track before it with Lethal and Stat Quo and then for the next track that has Pitbull rapping over it.

Damage Control Freestyle

And finally we close out with Dizzee Rascal double timing over Still Tippin while the Gritboys slow it down during a freestyle on damage control. I think my favorite part of the freestyle is when one of the Gritboys says “get chili like Frito Pies” HA! Anyone that references Texas public school lunch menus is fucking awesome in my book.

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