"Afta Da Relays 2K5" – Rapid Ric and Mr. Rogers

Believe it or not, this is the biggest fucking picture I could find of this shit

Usually Serg and Dave hold down the Texas and Southern shit up on the shrimp, but at the Devin the Dude show, all-around good dude Matt Sonzala hit me off with this “Afta da Relays 2K5” mix CD by Rapid Ric and Mr. Rogers. Shit is bangin’ all the way through and, believe it or not, this shit is actually a bonafied “mix” tape in the sense where dudes actually DJ and blend and shit… which to me is dope! Here’s a couple snips from the mixtape. I highly suggest you run o’er to here to cop the shit.

By the way, these jawns are all WMA files because cdex won’t work for me at work and I did this shit at work… shhhh!

”From the South (Texas Remix)” – Z.Ro, Trae, SLAB, Paul Wall, Chalie Boy, Chamillionaire

“Texas Remix” of the Z. Ro track “From the South” originally featuring Paul Wall and Lil’ Flip from Z. Ro’s “Let the Truth be Told Album.” Here’s a link to the OG. Both are dope.

”Day 2 Day Hustle” – Kalief, Chamillionaire (Freeway “In Full Effect” Instrumental)

Kalief and Chamillionaire killing it on the Chad West produced Freeway track “In Full Effect.” Chamillionaire comes tight on this shit and both dudes ride the shit out of the beat.

”Getcha Head Right” – Bun. B, Chops

Dude, I find it so weird that this dude Chops is all into Texas shit these days. I guess on some level it’s pretty cool that this dude who used to be an underground dork is now into Texas ‘hood shit, but he needs to stay behind the boards ‘cause dude sounds hella out of place on this shit. Not to mention the fact that his delivery is crud and his lyrics are embarrassingly corny at times. I mean, dude says “My pops was an engineer at Texas Instruments and now Chops is back in Texas engineering, playing instruments.” UGH! Are you serious, dude? Did you really just say that on a track with Bun B?! The fuck is that cornball shit? Anyway, I’m assuming he made this beat and it’s definitely a knocker. E’ryone’s new favorite old rapper Bun B is smobbin’ all over this shit.

”This is What They Made Me” – Trae, Rapid Ric

Trae spitting over a basic loop of one of my favorite Kanye West beats (State Prop’s “Nowhere to Go”). I really like how these Texas guys sound on “east coast” beats. The bol Trae chops this shit up pretty hard, spitting pretty tough triplets throughout most of the track. I fucks with it.

”A Week Ago” – Yung Redd, Trae

More Trae over east coast shit, this time on Juelz Santana’s “Jealousy” beat produced by the Heatmakerz. Again, I think both Trae and Yung Redd sound real dope on this east coast shit, with their slow cadence and accents over the hyper-quick, chipmunk soul-ness. Shit bangs.


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