Jay Z & Aztec

Herm posted this joint up on soulstrut and apparently the roc is getting down with some mexican power. Aztec is some rapper out of houston, he says 3rd ward but I’ve never heard of this dude and can’t seem too find any info on him so if anyone knows what’s up drop some info. Jay-z uses up a majority of the song with Aztec only getting in two very short verses. His verses aren’t mindblowing or anything but since David wants to post some Lil Rob I figure we kept up with the browntown looting. Word on the internets is that Aztec is some new Roc “la familia” artist.

back then freestyle

Aztec’s website

3 responses to “Jay Z & Aztec

  1. Aztec isn’t even thug. He went to school in Sugarland (Houston suburb that’s really nice) and used to go by Michael Gomez.

  2. um yeah he did grow up in sugar land and went to clements high school. I was friends with him back then and he was just a skinny little dork, wouldn’t even smoke weed. He takes steroids now- I saw a pic of him and you could see the bruises from injections on his shoulders. Gross. I do remember that he was always trying to freestyle though.

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