them summer nights

Lil Rob – Summer Nights

Serg doesnt like this song, he said it’s too amateur. I think he’s right, but thats part of why i like it…such a simple, slow cool air early evening track, love of an ungraspable feeling, straightforward rhymes about how much fun it is to party on warm summer nights. Don’t ask me why it repeats the same verse twice, the actual song has three verses and all of them are different. Someone find a better mp3. Its all over the radio here in Chicago, the last verse he talks about how the summer nights finally come to an end, but then there’s another summer just 8 months away. Its simple, stupid, and totally fantastic. By the end I have a grin on my face because its late spring and I see it coming, early summer evenings full of possibilities, warm weather, partying til dawn, hitting on girls, etc. If someone gets the full track, post it in the comments section.

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