White T’s and White Belts: Happy Festivus (’04) Mix

As a bit of promo for the “White T’s and White Belts” party me and my boy are doing this weekend in Philly [@ the RUBA in the Northern Liberties (between 4th and 5th on Green Street which is just north of Spring Garden i.e. behind Silk City)], I’ve uploaded a mix I made a bunch of my peoples for Christmas in December of ’04 (i.e. was too broke to cop them anything so made them this shit). This mix is clearly hollertronix bitten influenced, what with its mash-ups ecclectic blends/mixes; some of the shit is a bit dated (the Amerie joint wasn’t all over the radio yet); a lot of the mixes are edits that involve a great deal of time-stretching and re-sequencing (i.e. they’re impossible to do in real life without the aid of a ccomputer) but I hope you enjoy it anyway. It’s a bit of a taste of the type of madness that will be going down at the White T’s and White Belts jump off this weekend. Seriously, if you’re in Philly, come wile out with us. Shit’s only $3 and it’s gonna pop the fuck off. Anyway, enjoy the mix, come to the party, and holler in the comments section and let an arab know if you feel the shit.

I’m personally pretty happy with it.

Part 1

01. 00:00 — 02:04 modest mouse “FLOAT ON”
02. 02:04 — 05:58 young gunz “FRIDAY NIGHT” (“FLOAT ON” EDIT)
03. 05:58 –- 09:47 beanie sigel f/ peedi crack & twista “I GOTTA HAVE IT” (emynd EDIT)
04. 09:47 — 12:53 cheap trick “I WANT YOU TO WANT ME (LIVE)”
05. 12:53 –- 16:10 amerie “ONE THING”
06. 16:10 –- 20:44 usher featuring fabolous “CAUGHT UP” (“NEED YOU TONIGHT” EDIT)
07. 20:44 –- 24:10 antenna “TO CLIMB THE CLIFF” (emynd EDIT)
08. 24:10 –- 28:36 ratatat “17”/public enemy “BRING THE NOISE” (“I’M REALLY HOT” BLEND)
09. 28:36 –- 32:11 d-12 “PURPLE PILLS” (“AUF ACHSE” EDIT)
10. 32:11 — 35:22 franz Ferdinand “AUF ACHSE” (emynd EDIT)
11. 35:22 — 38:49 tv on the radio “STARING AT THE SUN” (emynd EDIT)

Part 2

12. 00:00 –- 03:48 nina sky “MOVE YA BODY” (“OBSTACLE 1” EDIT)
13. 03:48 –- 07:25 interpol “OBSTACLE 1”
14. 07:25 –- 10:56 debbie deb “LOOK OUT WEEKEND” (emynd EDIT)
15. 10:56 –- 14:38 j.j. fad “SUPERSONIC” (“TALK IT” EDIT)
16. 14:38 –- 16:46 esg “TALK IT” (“SUPERSONIC” EDIT)
17. 16:46 –- 18:47 le tigre “DECEPTACON”
18. 18:47 –- 22:08 crime mob “KNUCK IF YA BUCK” (“DECEPTACON” EDIT)
19. 22:08 –- 27:09 radiohead “STREET SPIRIT” (emynd EDIT)


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