Underground Hiphop YAY!

I don’t know if anyone gives a shit about any of these songs but fuck it I’m moving and that means packing shit and coming across music I forgot about. So yeah now you get to listen to underground hiphop shit that I haven’t checked for in a minute.

Konceptual Dominance – Self Titled

King Koncepts and Kirby Dominant of the now defunct Kemetic Suns crew teamed up to release this album. Kemetic Suns were a crew based out of Oakland with a number of members who liked to put out “conscious” rap. The rest of the crew was KiloJoule and Hypnotic. I’ve got Hypnotic’s Internal Symmetry tape somewhere when I dig that shit up I’ll throw it up on here. The crew was formed around some north African and Egyptian spiritual beliefs which became very prevalent in their tapes. The Konceptual Dominance tape was a more traditional as far as rap concepts go but it still had some of those tones. Kemetic Suns came up right around the same time as the Legends but the Legends had the advantage of being more accessible and just having a better work ethic. I don’t know if Kemetic suns would have been as popular, shit I doubt it but I think they still might be around if they just worked a little harder. Hell if LMNO can still put out music Kirby sure as fuck could pull it off.

These days the crew has since disbanded and Kirby is the only one that I am aware of that still makes music. I think he does more production than rapping these days. That is unless moka only still getting him to release shit.

Clockworx – On The One

Providence rap repping on this shit. Clockworx was made up of two rappers, AmsUno and PhesOne. They were down with The Secret Service crew (TSS) whose most successful member these days is Sage Francis. They released a couple 12″s with production by Celph Titled and D Tension. That was about it for Clockworx, like most rappers they just couldn’t get shit together to drop a proper release. They eventual disbanded and who knows what the fuck happened to Phes but AmsUno is now on Labeless and it seems like he’s getting his shit together to finally put some stuff out.

Sixtoo – Chekmate
Sixtoo – Talkinshit

Some older Sixtoo shit here from 1995 with him busting some raps before he got all sadfaced and started making music with Damo Suzuki. The sound quality isn’t all that great on these but fuck it this is Sixtoo before he got all psycheintangible. It’s very amateurish but I think that’s what I like about it. It’s like rap music that I would have wanted to make when I was 16 rapping about rocking your whole shit and battling your entire crew.

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