The Agony Of A B-Boy

I fucking love this album, I used to jam the shit out of it four years ago. I still break it out every now and then but then it ends up in my headphones for weeks. Daddy Kev’s production matches AwolOne’s gruff voice so fucking well. This album is probably my favorite of Awol’s shit, most folks can’t really fuck with the weirdness of Three Eyed Cowz Presents Four Eyed Mortalz. I liked that album but people hated me for playing. On this album Awol reels in the weirdness and comes with some shit that goes down a little easier. Some folks don’t like Awol’s monotone style but I think it works for the sound of his voice and his whole stream of conscious steez. He is just telling you his thoughts as they are.

AwolOne – Agony

I use to wake up to this song first thing in the morning, had that shit set to go off with my alarm and I fucking love it. This song use to set the mood for my entire fucking day. Awol rides this shit with his permanently hoarse voice over what sounds like some guitars that were stretched the fuck out. D-Styles is on the cut and just adds that little extra bit that reminds me why I love rap music so fucking much.

AwolOne – Rhythm

Stupid suckas is so fucking temporary and AwolOne just trying to have fun. The beat is on some whistle while you work shit but Daddy Kev makes it work as he drops those loud slave driver drums. The beat has this happy ass feel to it but against Awol’s voice it loses it’s Disney appeal.

AwolOne – Ignorance

Daddy Kev opens with some of those scary horror strings falling from the sky but then he brings the beat in to get all cute with it. Awol wishing he could be as raw as Ice T but since he’s deaf dumb and blind he just does what he can.

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