If the Brick City was Compton…

Weathermen – Left It To Us — Tame One’s still comparing himself to Glen Plummer’s character in South Central. Longevity is his refrain lately as he supposes that OG status is something that is attained simply by being old and not by, say, putting in classic work. Okay, the ridiculous overratedness of the Artifacts oeuvre aside, Tame’s pretty inspired on here. And though I was erroneously promised that Breezly Brewin would make an appearance, and Y@k Ballz (worst name ever?) is here seemingly for spite, this beat is sick. Camel Toe did it. Aesop, El-P, and Cage rep especially hard.

Black Rob ft. Young City, Ness, Babs, and Aasim – Bad Boy 2005 — Poor Black Rob. You’d think dude might have recharged his hunger after a stint upstate and the six year lull since his disappointing first album. But, nope, his place in history will be a missed opportunity. He’s like the rap Harold Miner. And damned if he doesn’t get outshined by Da Band on his own song. Ness Aasim (if that’s who goes last), especially, is on fire. Question: Has Babs / Rah Digga become another definitive case where the map has supplanted the terrain? Oh, and why does Black Rob sound more southern than Chopper Young City now?

Three 6 Mafia ft Trillville and Lil Wyte – Who I Is — Some of that ignorant Hypnotized Minds shit that we all know and love. It’s by the numbers intensity. It’s a wonder that after a decade, p*ssy MFs still come to the club to fuck with Three-6 like they don’t know who they is. Haven’t they heard this chorus (“Who you fuckin wit b*tch?” “Watch me stomp his ass out”) before? Haven’t they heard these drums before? The two-second piano loop? It’s killing me how well this works every time.

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