I Don’t Give A Fuck About Reupping An Mp3

well it’s time to talk some shit so here we go.

Some folks out there like to ask for mp3’s to be reupped because they suck at the internet and missed it the first time around. To those people I say fuck off with that bullshit. Do you call the TV station when you miss a show? You missed it when it was up then that’s your own goddamn fault. Shit I’ll give you a break if it’s the first day but if it’s been a fucking week then get your goddamn weight up. This is a blog it’s not your goddamn mp3 service. You want instant service then start paying us motherfucker. We post mp3’s on this shitty website because we fucking feel like it not because we want to cater to your bitchass needs because you are to lazy to find this shit on your own.

Oh and motherfucker don’t ask us to reup the shit when you’re the idiot who disabled yousendit because you clicked the wrong goddamn link. If you can’t figure out how to click properly then don’t even bother checking this goddamn site because you idiots are just fucking it up for all the people who aren’t stupid as fuck and know how to figure out the complex labyrinth that is yousendit.

What kind of set this off this little rant was cutesy boy asking for a mp3 with better audio. For one we didn’t rip the motherfucker and two shut the fuck up with that crybaby bullshit. Motherfuckers are spoiled as fuck with this mp3 shit. I use to dub tapes with free cassettes I got from dog food bags. You think I complained about the horrible sound quality of that shit? Fuck no, I manned the fuck up and rocked my tape hard as fuck, hiss, pops, and all. Driving by metro center banging my tape loud as possible through some blown out mobil authority 6×9’s trying to catch the eye of some girl waiting for a fucking bus. You’re sitting in front of a fucking computer getting music fucking delivered to you so shut the fuck up with that bullshit.

If you like this website great, if you don’t so the fuck what. This shit wasn’t started to help you download. If you want help with that talk to napster because this shit only exists because we want it to. Maybe I shouldn’t say we because this is just my opinion and not the opinions of everyone on this site but fuck it, I find that shit annoying.

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