y’all don’t really want it

Well I’m leaving Ohio in a little over a week and I won’t be coming back, graduating school and I don’t really have much of a plan right now other than just figuring shit out as I go along. Which I’m actually more comfortable with than being all certain of what I want to do. I do know I’m done with school, at least for a little while; I’ve felt seperated from the real world too long. Anyway while I was here in the OH I spent some time going to hip-hop shows in Cleveland and Columbus. Not often, but I did get to chill from time to time, and it helps that my friend Drew lives down in killumbus and has the connections. Anyway I went to one show and I totally don’t remember who was performing, except I know SA Smash was there. SA Smash have some good songs (I always liked “Body” and that song with Vast Aire) but for the most part they’re kind of a snooze (dude, where are the hooks? Just talking about partying does not make it a hot party record.) Anyway the one song where everybody kind of went nuts was Camu Tao’s “Hold the Floor.” Camu Tao is from Columbus so there’s a lot of hometown pride, I guess its the closest to “crunk” you’ll get in an Ohio college town. It was also on a Def Jux compilation for some reason. Anyway here it is:

Camu Tao – Hold the Floor

Peace out Ohio. (I’m gonna go listen to Bone Thugs and “The Cleveland Shuffle” now. Oh yeah, keep an eye out for the Cleveland Shuffle, they play it all the time around here. It’s the first couple bars from “Billie Jean” looped and its a “Cha Cha Slide”-style dance track. Word.)

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