Too Hard For The Radio

Yay more regional rap! I picked up this mixtape at Amoeba the otherday, which by the way fucking sucks at carrying mixtapes. They got all the fucking early 90’s you could want but when it comes to shit outside of that you’re fucked unless you want some lowbudge central valley comp. The mixtape is 20 tracks deep and features a bunch of artists from the bay, from the “new bay” to the “old bay” to whatever the hell label you want to put on shit. The content and styles on here are pretty diverse from piano laced melodies about faces on t-shirts to hard ass drums and buzzing synth songs about putting bitches in positions.

30/30 Bounce – Turf Talk, The Mossie, Poppie Cas, DB’z and A2thaK

Bounce Bounce smoke an ounce drink a fifth cause there’s money to count and all that good shit that people like to rap about. Turf Talk sets it off overf some thumping drums with these little electronic squeaks popping up and some deep strings coming in for one stroke.

Wild As It Gets – Furious

Furious rapping about how hard westcoast nights can be when you’re staring at the sunset and getting wild like a yokohama tire fishtailing. I like the beat more than the rapping, it just hits a enough for me to not be bothered by the generic we rock and get that money lyrics but his flow on the track makes up for the general content and I can fuck with it.

So Crazy – Federation

The Federation rocking some whiny blips that The Team has used already on “Moe Doe” but this time they raise the pitch a little and rock some drums that just stomp like crazy, making the beat just go way harder. I recommend playing this song as loud as possible.

buy it here

oh and here is a track that Ross Hogg posted over on soulstrut, it’s Mac Dre and E-40 getting all latin active on you. Considering that mixtape is titled after a Mac Dre song it’s kind of fitting to post this. At some point b-sides is suppose to have this 12″ for sale, I know they have the record already. yeah you can try but apparently they are sold out as fuck


Dj Dumpy Dump and The Lyrical Rampage

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