Gonna Getcha Head Bust

I’ve been meaning to post up some shit about Balance for a minute. A couple other sites out there have posted up about him because he’s got some boys working on that blog grind for him. I like Balance’s shit so I agreed to throw up some shit, I just lagged on it cause I’m lazy like that. Anyways Balance is down with Frontline and E-A-Ski. They are all pretty much teaming up trying to push that whole New Bay shit. Balance himself has been putting in work hooking up tracks with G-unit, E-A-Ski, Chamillioniare, Stat Quo, Royce da 5′ 9, Frontline, and shit even Planet Asia. He’s the self proclaimed bay area mixtape king and he’s got the appearances to back it up. You’ll have to excuse this post, it’s more halfass than usual because I’m rushing out the door right now cause I got to hit up a show tonight but whatever, on with the mp3’s. That’s all you fuckers really give a shit about anyways.

What Up
Balances current radio track trying to tell people to step up in the motherfucker club. It’s got some cutesy exploding drums going down breaking up those congos.

8 ball feat Locksmith & Royce Da 5′ 9
Just wrecking over that You Don’t Want Drama beat.

Roll Wit Me feat Chamillionaire & Stat Quo
Pimping ain’t a hobby

since I’m posting about Balance I figured I’d throw up this new frontline joint. The 12″ just dropped this past week or so. Meant to post this up last week but more laziness. E-A-Ski did the beat and it sounds like they are trying to cash in on that Ying Yang joint with those bass tones. They don’t bring the whispering though and the beat isn’t as stripped down as “Wait” but it’s totally riding that shit.

Bang It

oh and I got one more thing I want to post about before I cut out. It’s this Wreck Shop Family track off Doin It For Texas 2k4, I was bumping this shit on the way home and it made me think of teddy bears and lolipops which is exactly what this website is all about.


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