What’s All That Gun Powder Smell?

Thanks to B-Cause(4OneFunk) I got my hands on some early 90’s wannabe Ice Cube with a jerry curl type shit. You’d be highly advised to purchase his and Ross Hogg’s Slump And Grind mix. Network F1 released this record back in 1991 on TCB records, some shit out of Burbank California. The album opens with Time Flies, this dope little intro of various young women telling the same story. It starts with a young girl speaking over some ice cream truck jingle and thunder. As the intro progresses the voice ages until it becomes an older woman speaking over the same thunder and the cries of a hungry baby.

Time Flies

After that cutesy intro Network F1 comes in with a song called Pro Hate. This is where you get your first taste of how hard dude is trying to sound like Cube. The whole song I’m just waiting for him to yell “punk police” especially after that dead in the bushes line. Whatever though this shit is dope even if the guy is riding cube so hard.

Pro Hate

Next is this 2nd Time interlude about some cop asking some kids if some gangbangers shot them. The interlude plays into last song on the a-side, “Mirror Mirror I See A Killer.” This track has some other dude rapping on it with the first guy. I don’t know any of their names, the record just says Network F1 and I haven’t been able to find any info on these guys. The beat on this track is just some fast paced boom bap shit over some stretched out bass tones. It’s fucking great. They close out the song giving shoutouts and threats to people no one knows.

2nd Time/Mirror Mirror I See A Killer

The B-side kicks off with a short intro called Statistics, that last about 22 seconds and is some reporter running down some stats for shootings in LA during some interview asking some dude what he thinks about it. Following that track is “Welcome To The Neighborhood,” a song mobbing through the hood dealing with bullshit and pulling gats on fools trying to break the hate that makes you want to kill.

Statistics/Welcome To The Neighborhood

The next joint is Mean Season which is more of that angry in LA with nothing to do but start shit type music that the rest of the record is based around. Where this song differs from the rest of the tracks is about just under a minute into it there is some fucking crazy rock break down. All of a sudden you hear some radio static and then some crazy thrashing of guitars as this dude from Network F1 shouts out his boys in Pelican Bay and how he hates your face. This lasts for about 20 seconds before the same radio static brings you back to the boom bap. I know what they were going for with that rock shit but goddamn it doesn’t work. They just threw in some random guitar solo that just made the shit sound like noise. Whatever though, the rest of the song is dope.

Mean Season

The last song on this shit is “Tired Of The Jackin.” They bring the pace down on this one to close out the record to reminisce about the times they use to shoot basketball without having to sweat a dude rolling up on you in the drive thru jacking you for your nissan truck on triple gold daytons. As he has come up he’s gotten into jacking but as he brags about the shit he pulls he also preaches about how he’s sick of pumping that mossberg.

Tired Of The Jackin

I think this record is fucking great. It’s that aggressive westcoast fast tempo shit I love. There is some better shit out there but if you need a supplement to amerikkka’s most wanted then find this shit. This kind of shit takes me back to early 90’s when I rocked my dickies as hard as I could just so girls with hella aqua net and massive hoop earrings would notice me at the lowrider world tour at the Mesa Amphitheater with my 69 schwinn sitting on whitewalls.

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