I was gonna do a big dancehall roundup today because I got the new TOK album and heard some hot new rhythms (chromatic ghetto panick, folks!) but then I got drunk and hung out with my friends, so instead


If you remember when I was talking about Swing I mentioned that he was on the regional hit “On My Momma!” from 2002, which was so popular that True Enuff and Swing and Biggie soundalike Big Huss performed it on Jenny Jones. Yes, thats right, Jenny fucking Jones, this song was mega. I don’t know what was going down with Dunn Ruff entertainment, they had a deal with Universal for this single but unfortunately this was no Cha Cha Slide, I guess it never poked its head very far above ground. This Chicago turn-of-phrase is like the perfect concept for a chorus, decent-to-great rapping throughout, I donno I just like the track straight up. ON MY MOMMA. Cold.

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