make it happen

Speaking of C-Rayz, I don’t like him very much. Talk about one-dimensional man – his rhyme style is total punchline overload which is very entertaining the first time, with serious diminishing returns. Actually, I like some of his tracks, so I’m being a little dishonest here to get my point across – “Buck 80” and “Protect My Family” from his Def Jux album Ravipops were OK, but dude could not hold down a whole album to save his life. I remember bumping The Prelude before that but I barely remember anything about it. Maybe I’ll investigate it some time.

Or maybe not, because I dont really like C-Rayz.

Anyway, here’s the first C-Rayz Walz track I ever heard. It’s good.

C-Rayz Walz – Make It Happen

Also some dude emailed me this, it’s not grime but UK hip-hop which I dont really listen to but check it out I guess, its the video to a song called “Council Estate of Mind” and yeah the title sucks but the song isn’t bad, that sort of preachy here’s-what-goes-down-in-the-projects rap but I like the chorus.

Skinnyman – Council Estate of Mind (Quicktime)
Skinnyman – Council Estate of Mind (Windows)

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