Mad Lion Sucked

“A lot of Reggae HipHop enters your ear daily. Mad Lion, however, offers an understanding of HipHop and HipHop Culture. Nothing on this album is a remix of already existing material. Everything on this album is done as it is. I, Mad Lion, represent HipHop Reggae not Reggae HipHop. Consider this album one more step in merging Africans worldwide through music.” – Mad Lion

How in the fuck was Mad Lion able to sell records? I know he’s a Musical Assassin Delivering Lyrical Intelligence Over Nations but really can someone tell me why the fuck anyone was listening to him. He was like Snow and Ini Kamoze combined but with more street cred. The guy wasn’t as bad as fucking Shaggy but I think I hated Mad Lion more just because he was suppose to have that hip-hop stamp of approval being down with BDP and all. But shit I had no idea there was such a large difference between HipHop Reggae and Reggae Hiphop, thank god Mad Lion was able to represent for HipHop Reggae so that I was never confused so I guess I at least owe him that.

Um yeah no real point to this post, I just wanted to say Mad Lion sucked because I saw some hiphop video compilation and his ass showed up on it so naturally I thought “who the fuck ever thought he was good enough to remember?” Given I’m not all that big a fan of reggae, I don’t hate it but I’m not buying those records so I was never all that excited about dude. Whatever though, Mad Lion sucked and that’s a fucking fact.

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