I sign my name on the book at your funeral

Well since I don’t know nothing about throwing bows I’m going to post about Spencer Bellamy, the dude who made that East Flatbush Project “Tried By Twelve” record that every goddamn motherfucker tried to remix in the late 90’s. Remixing that record was more popular than making shitty mashups on your imac will ever be. BSE over at Can I Bring My Gat made a cutesy post about Bellamy over a month ago so instead of running through his body of work I’ll just be lazy and link to BSE’s post.

I don’t remember when exactly was the first time I took notice of East Flatbush but I do remember playing the fuck out of it when I picked up that World Famous Beatjunkies Vol 1 comp. That comp was my shit back in 97, that tracklisting was killing it, fucking Siah, Yeshua, Co-Flow, Natural Resource, Kool Keith, Arsonists, LPSD, Homeliss Derelix, Mr Complex, J-Live, and East Flatbush all in their late 90’s underground hiphop prime. I think I remember z-trip and dj fashen playing Tried By Twelve on Magic 107 in phoenix, which was this “adult urban” station out of Buckeye Arizona. The signal was weak and their playlists mostly consisted of busted as r&b shit but on saturday nights they put it down with Dj Roc’s Hip Hop Shop. It use to be a priority for me to get home by midnight so I could record the dj sets every weekend.

I still have some of those old tapes but lost a majority of them moving. Even though Magic107 really only had a couple of hours of hiphop they were the only Phoenix radio station really playing dope shit. Power92 which was all top 40 hiphop would try but they never really put it down for underground shit. Back in the early 90’s they use to have a late night show that I recorded a few times but for the most party they stuck to copying LA’s top 40 playlists. Around the mid to late 90’s Power92 started getting wacker and wacker with their shitty r&b or it was them playing Doin’ It ever goddamn five minutes. Shit probably the only good thing about that station was when they started syndicating the baka boys friday night flavas show. At that time Power92 was the only hiphop station in Phx so they didn’t have shit to worry about. But then 104.7 started up and when they started it was no commercials just non stop classic hip hop. They were killing it but like most start ups it was just to build a following until they could upgrade the signal and sell the station off. These days 104.7 is party of KISS fm’s quality radio family and they play a bunch of corny shit although I think lately they are trying to get back to that hiphop image bullshit that Power92 has. Whatever though, phoenix radio fucking sucks and that’s about it.

Back to some shit you people might give a fuck about. Point is that Bellamy is fucking dope and I recently got a hold of some new Spencer Bellamy tracks so I thought it would be wise to post them up so people could hear what he’s been up to lately. Raw east coast emcees over beats structered around pianos and drums. Nothing super fancy just gruff raps hitting you in the face with vice grips, what the fuck else you need.

Head To Head 2005 feat Stress & Dox

Pregame feat Stress & Dox

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