Pianos Are Scurry

“you got ugly on yo face we gon’ beat it right off.”

Project Pat – Ballers

Project fucking Pat rocking them big diamond rangs on his panky panky and being all about that getty green. I remember the first time I saw the video for “Ballers” and thinking “what the fuck is this shit.” Some fat bastard and this girl bouncing all over some shitty beach by some crap lake out in the goddamn country yelling some nonsense about twanky twanky stanky stanky. I couldn’t even try to deal with it because at that time I was not fucking with some shit out of North Memphis. I was all about my fucking underground hiphop, listening to fucking Innernational tapes, Living Legends were still exciting, Blackalicious was the fucking jam, and hell I was still rocking Planet Asia’s shit. I was all caught up in that real hiphop anti gangsta bullshit. I was not even trying to fuck with the southern music that was coming out at that time. I couldn’t stand Ghetto Mafia with their dumb ass video with them all dressed up in stupid blunt costumes. I remember thinking Mos Def was out of his fucking mind for telling Joe Cleezy they were dope. It took me a while to get out of that bullshit real hiphop 4 elements way of thinking but I did and when Layin’ Da Smack Down came out I was ready to give Project Pat another chance. By the time the 3rd track was over I realized I’d been sleeping.

Project Pat – Fight

“Fight” was that third track and it is still my favorite Project Pat song ever. It’s made for droppin bows on motherfuckers. Fuck they got some dude chanting “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” though out his verse like it was some straight lunchtime brawl with the entire school in a circle around a bunch of kids caught up in a firestorm of flying fists without any control, kids getting tagged in the neck by some lopsided swing. Shirts getting ripped as someone falls to the ground and catches a foot to the ribs. Fuck I miss afterschool fights. Anyways, just when you think the chanting couldn’t get better Dj Paul starts chanting “I’ma whoop this bitch(Why?) cuz I don’t like him.” Fuck how could anyone not like the song, the chorus is Dj Paul yelling “we gon’ fight up in this bitch.” Pat comes in stretching out words as he pleases just to slow down the pace and emphasizes his rhymes just that much more. It’s fucking great.

image jacked from murderdawg

Break Da Law 2001

Tuck your chains and guard your grills, Project Pat and the rest of the 3-6 Mafia cats getting real scurry over this dark ass DJ Paul and Juicy J beat. Paul and J bringing more of that dark haunting horror movie shit that they good at. “Breakin laws, glock in drawers, whip it out and take a taste, You can smell my fuckin nuts, while this tone is in yo face,” such sweet poetry, I can hear birds tweeting as the sun peaks over the horizon.

Project Pat – Shut Your Mouth Bitch

I was debating on whether or not to post this song or “Weak Niggaz” which has Pat saying cute shit like “uh oh spaggettiO’s” and DJ Paul has a verse on it too but I decided to go with “Shut Your Mouth Bitch” not just because the title has that pizazz that touches my heart but I figure verses from DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Juicy J and Frayser Boy make it a little more special than “Weak Niggaz.” Also I felt that because this song was so family oriented it would be a positive experience to share with others.

Lil Whyte – Crash Da Club

Off the bonus cd that came with Layin Da Smack Down, it was the introduction of Lil Whyte. Piano’s and atmosphere make for tear da club up music. During the verses the beat is just drums and this drawn out organ that makes it sound like there should be credits playing but instead you got Lil Whyte snatching your chain and reimbursing you with some pain because he was lyrically raised in hell so fuck your whole name.

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