Random shit

1. If you haven’t seen this picture of Serg yet, get your weight up.

2. I need to put a link to this dude up cuz he’s putting in work over at Lemon-Red. That post has got the new David Banner single and that fucking great “chain hangs down to my di-hi-hiiiiick” track “So Icey” in VBR if you picked up the lower bitrate mp3 off gel and weave. I can’t really say I’m feeling either of those sneakers tho man.

3. The new David Banner album will be out July 19th and will feature Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Jagged Edge, Lil Jon, Jadakiss and Too $hort. Its gonna be called Certified. I know this cuz I read an interview.

4. We get like non-fucking-stop search engine hits for that “Drop It Like It’s Hot” remix with Jay-Z. So here it is again. And again. And again. Pick it up, fool.

5. I mentioned a couple days ago that my favorite bomb-a-drop voicings were the more R&B cuts, and said that Brick and Lace’s “Gonna Be Starting Something” could be huge. Judge for yourself. Serg, don’t even bother homie. But yeah this is a total dancehall-R&B-pop gem. They should get Little X to do a video, like the one he did for Wayne Wonder, sparkling beach and colorful sets and girls dancing, but instead of that yearning “No Letting Go” stylee all the girls would be smiling uncontrollably and jumping around, lots of blues, greens and reds, a beach party, but loose clothing and everything looks cool like there’s a breeze blowing and the video would end at night, everyone still dancing with mosquito torches.

Brick and Lace – Gonna Be Starting Something

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