Don’t Make Amy Have To Read Your Obituary

So while I was in Texas we made a stop in Houston to hang out with Matt from houstonsoreal. Spent the evening eating taco’s and drinking shiner but at some point Matt breaks out this tape that he just got in the mail over at KPFT. There was a letter with it stating that this dude Judas had actually produced this tape in prison. It wasn’t some recorded phone conversation. I don’t know how these dudes snuck in equipment but they got that shit in there. I’m thinking they just got a tape recorder in there and did it up. He played the tape as I read this dude’s letter and I really had no idea what the fuck I was about to hear. I was pretty surpised by the quality of the song. It’s not the best sound but fuck the song is actually not that bad. The beat isn’t going to blow you away but considering the conditions under which it was made I’m pretty impressed by it. Shit it took some balls just to mail the tape because the prison staff reads all that shit before they let it out. Anyways download this shit because these dudes are just trying to be heard even if they are behind bars.

Judas – Damage Control Intro

My friend Patrick sent me some blends he did the other night. He’s a dj out in fucking New Hampshire; goes by the name The Beat Pervert. He’s got Headbussa over the Gameover beat, Dat’s Me over Still Tippin and then there is Go DJ over HipHop. This isn’t some wacked out mashup bullshit but it’s cuteness so I figured I’d post it up just for the fuck of it. The first 3 of these mp3’s play into each other so you can have your own little 6 minutes blend fest if you so choose.

1, 2, 3, 4

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