Grubbin With A Thug

I just watched “Grubbing With A Thug” today on MTV2 but it airs again on Mon 03/28 @ 5:30 PM and Fri 04/01 @ 10:00 AM, all times are eastern. Trick made some honey glazed ham, greens, and macaroni & cheese. His mac & cheese looked pretty brutal. Between steps they play videos and shit but I think they should have tried to make it more like a cooking show. Fuck they didn’t even list recipes or anything; although he did list some ingredients to his seasoning which was dirt and roach leaves. Trick did call out any challengers that think they can top his shit to come on the show and battle it out. We’ll see what happens with the show but I’d like to see him wreck a motherfucker like Rachel Ray.

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