Dat’s Wassup!

picture via houstonsoreal

So while I was in Austin for SXSW I made it a point to roll by MusicMania and pick up some music. MusicMania doesn’t really offer any great deals or anything but the main reason to roll through is because when it comes to Texas shit they pretty much carry everything out there. Their new vinyl selection is pretty pitiful, shit I think they had about 30 records in the new hiphop section. They got a bunch of older 45’s and lp’s on the other side of the store but their prices can be a little on the higher end, like something you’d expect to go for a 1-2 dollars is like 5 bucks or something. Another reason to hit up MusicMania is because there is a good chance you’ll run into some rapper trying to sell his shit out front so you can come up on some deals through them but that requires said rapper to actually be good which usually turns out to not be the case. It’s usually some fucking high school kid trying to pedal his shit high school talent show demo.

Whatever though, the point is that when I was there I saw this 12″ by Deep called “Dat’s Wassup” and it features Slim Thug and Lenny Lenn on it. I had no idea who Deep was but figured for $3.99 it was worth picking up. The shitty part was that I wouldn’t be able to find out if it sucked until I got home to San Francisco and played that shit. Fast forward a couple days and I break it out. The beat comes in with borrowing classic hiphop tones with some good old hyped up guitar cuts and bells rocking. It’s some classic 80’s new york hiphop shit meets poppin cadillac trunks and dropping screens in candy coated slabs. The beat is dope and Deep rocks it properly with his boy Lenny Lenn. The explicit version of the song is by far my favorite version just cause I approve of any song that encourages yelling “WHAT THE FUCK!” Now I’m kicking myself in the ass for not buying doubles of this shit.

Oh and me being the swift bastard that I am I didn’t even realize that the Deep performing at SXSW was the same guy whose 12″ I bought so I’m annoyed at myself for missing his performance. Whatever though, Deep’s album is out now and it’s called “In Trunks Now.” He’s got a gang of collabs going down on it with artists like Slim Thug, David Banner, Too Short, Big Moe, Papa Rue, C-Note, Lenny Lenn, Billy Cook and who knows who else.

Dat’s Wassup feat Slim Thug & Lenny Lenn

buy In Trunks Now here

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