Well this Bun-B bitch and I’m the king
I’m movin’ chickens got ’em finger lickin’
Stickin’ nigga’s who be trippin’
You need a swift kickin’ yo azz is right for the pickin’
Now down as my pocket’s stickin’
I be thinkin’ nigga’s slippin’ you sick
When I be clickin’ now take a look at the
Bigger nigga Malt liquor swigger
Playa hata ditch digger figure
My hair trigger you bound one hot one in yo liver
You shiver shake and quiver
I’m free from nigga you wetter den a river
For what it’s worth it’s superfluous some nigga’s doin’ dirt
Fuck her first and take off her skirt
Make the pussy hurt Mister Master
Hit the Swisha faster then you keep a
Blister bastard fuck her sister faster
Hit the elbro for sale yo
Brother better have my mail hoe
Before I catch a murder case and go to jail hoe
Hell no, time to bail hit the trail so
We can sell mo fuckin’ yell get the scale
No other bullet duck or get shoved
Inside this game they better buck us
Cuz the clucker’s they love us
Make them class dick suckers
Check they jelly like smucker’s
I hit like nun-chuckers
Cuz Short Texas bring the rukus
This for my muthfucker’s
Cookin’ cheese to crooked geez
Rockin’ up quarter key’s
Just to get the hook with ease
Wanna bee’s get on yo knee’s
Fill the squeeze from them HK one three’s
From here to over sea’s
We do what we please
No trip cuz we flip
Light up a dip
I’m breakin’ ’em off from they hip to yo lip
Go ask that boy Skip
That nigga Bun rip
With one clip, soon as the gun slip
Now I done ripped out my Barile
Flyin’ through yo belly belly and
Some smelly red jelly is drippin’ out of ya belly
Servin’ ’em like a Deli jumped on my cellular telli
Hoe sell it like it’s goin’ out of style
You can’t see me Marcus so have a
Motherfuckin’ Sweet and smile

UGK – Murder

yeah, it’s been a over a week since I got up on here. Lil dude emynd has been holding it down with that philly shit so here some Texas shit just cause that’s where I’ve been all week. oh and if you want to read about my time at sxsw just go here.

oh and ohhla sucks so bitch to them about all the fucked up lyrics, I just copied and pasted cause I’m lazy.

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