Grown Men Acting Like Little Girls

State Property?

More like Kate Dockerty!

So, this should make Serg happy. These State Prop dudes are acting way girlier than me. Shouts to cultstatus for the heads-up on the link.

Click me.

Highlights include:

– Peedi Crack saying: “I don’t f— with Dame Dash at all…I f— with Beans and Biggs. I can’t be around [Dash]. I can’t be on that side of the fence. I hollered at Jay; Jay said he got my contract, and I can go with him. I left it at that. I was happy being with Jay…He don’t listen. He’s so smart, he’s dumb. He’s got so much money, he thinks he’s the sh–. A cloud just hovers over his head so much, it f—s with his common sense. That’s why he’s losing. He don’t know how to pick music, what song to do a video for, how to shoot a video. If you tell him this, he feels disrespected because he’s got so many people kissing his ass. When you talk to him on a man-to-man level, on a regular level, he feels disrespected. He’s got three, four, five assistants holding his two-way, holding his money, holding his phone. All this super Hollywood sh–.”

– Dame Dash: “I guess the choice that had to be made was, ‘Do we want to go through a system and be corporate, or do we have an independent spirit?’… Beans was like’I’m gonna roll with the independent thing.’ Even though we still get distributed through Universal and I deal with L.A. Reid, we’re still independent.”

– Neef: “I can’t really speak on why nobody has really been seeing him… Me and Mack, we never had a crazy relationship like everybody else had with him. We was cool, but we never saw eye to eye. It ain’t no beef or drama. … I ain’t on his album. You gonna hear Chris on his album, not me. I was never mad at him; we just never clicked. He’s a real n—a — I can’t take that away from him. He’s nice as sh– with the rappin’, but we just didn’t click.”

– Amilio Sparks: “What are we supposed to do, be stagnated?…I got kids. I gotta make moves. I probably ain’t take the time out to write him — my fault — but he could have reached out to me. I got the same number. You got money on the books; you can call. My home address never changed. I’m still in the same neighborhood. But I got real busy. It’s time to focus on me, ’cause Beans ain’t around to handle business. What do they mean, ‘We on hold?’ I’m supposed to tell my son or daughter, ‘We can’t eat because Beans is locked up?'”

Whatever. Sounds like basically everyone is being stupid. Somebody just needs to write Beans a later and somebody needs to tell Beans to quit whining on some Emil shit.


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