I Just Wanted Some Boston Market

So, the moment I knew I really loved Oschino Vasquez is when I heard him say the following few lines on “Trouble Man” off the first State Property album: “You see ladies prostitutin, wearin tight leopard/ My sneaks was dogs like pitbulls and German shepherds/ Fuck where it came from I needed money fast/ White boys bangin Led Zeppelin wantin twenty bags/ So I got my first pack on 51st and Market/ I ain’t want clothes I just wanted some Boston Market.” I was like “Dude, this is my fucking Boston Market dude!” Then, months later, I’m watching this ghetto-ass Philly freestyles DVD jawn and Oschino is up on the jawn. Camera man rolls up to him. Oschino’s rocking a throwback felt jacket with a matching hat perched up on his head (closer to NOT wearing it than actually wearing it), clearly bent as fuck with a bottle of cognac in one hand and, in the other, a fuckin’ doggy bag of Boston Market left overs. I was dying when I saw that shit. So, then he spits some silly shit for the camera, drunk as fuck, not giving a fuck, rapping with his left overs right there in his hand. Slurring, eyes all fucked up, spittle squirting out as he raps, just killing it. So, needless to say, I’m sitting there thinking once again “Got damn it, that’s my fucking dude!”

I was lucky enough to cop one of the Oschino Best of Part 2 mixtapes that are hella hard to find in Philly right now (because, as us white folks like to say, “the streets is feelin’ him”). But, since the shit is in pretty high demand in the Philly hoods and probably not too accessible anywhere else in the world, I’ve posted a couple of the songs below. I think he’s pretty self-explanatory as far as what and how he does things. Dude’s not really spectacular in anyway and he doesn’t have a real marketable sound (probably why his album with Amilio Sparks hasn’t really come to fruition on the Roc) but dude is just ridiculous with his heart-felt ghetto shit. Obviously, he doesn’t swing like Free (but who does) and he doesn’t flow like Peedi (but who does), but he’s got a pain and passion in his delivery that is really fucking heartbreaking to me. You can just feel the struggle in every single word this dude utters. It’s pretty remarkable. So download these jawns and love them because they’re lovable.

Oschino “Intro” (Kiss of Death Instrumental)

Oschino “Freestyle”

Oschino “No No No”

Oschino “Walk Like A…” featuring Jakk Frost and Peedi Crack

Oschino “The Way We Live” featuring Amilio Sparks and Peedi Crack (peep Oschino’s last verse. Stupid hot)

[EDIT]REUPPED: Somebody up on soulstrut was nice enough to post the video of O with his Boston Market doggy bag on yousendit. Holler at it. I’ll re-up it when the link dies.


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