State Prop Chain GANG

The first State Property record is easily one of my favorite records to come out in the last 5 years. Of course, the movie is atrocious, but this is some knockin’ headphone music that really made me fall in love with these Philly dudes– especially Freeway. Of course Beans is killing it, but Oschino and Amilio Sparks also have some moments where they show a great deal of potential. That being said, nobody really knows what’s next for any of these dudes and what’s gonna end up materializing since all this DefJam and Rocafella wierdness and reshuffling has been popping off. I suspect “State Property” as we know it isn’t really gonna be “State Property” as we know it once Beans gets out of jail and everybody signs and resigns or does what they gwan do. But, that’s not really worth speculating about right now. These songs below are great and if you don’t have this album, you should most certainly pick it up.

State Property “Got Nowhere…” featuring Beanie Sigel and Freeway

Miracles “Nowhere To Go” (original sample for the Kanye produced “Got Nowhere…”

State Property “Hood I Know” featuring Oschino, Beans, Amilio Sparks, Freeway

State Property “It’s Not Right” featuring Freeway, Chris, Amilio Sparks, Beans

And, as an added bonus, here’s the fucking hardest song in the world by Mr. Pretty Lips above. It ain’t on either of the State Prop albums and is only out on white label right now (and has been for at least a year) but this shit is really that fucking crack.

Peedi Crack “Fall Back”



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