Andre Nickatina

“I’m true to the dope that I smoke no joke, Check me right now there’s a gram in my coat, Cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes, Rubber car keys and ID that’s fake”

Andre Nickatina – Smoke Dope Rap
Skinny six five motherfucker Nickatina aka Dre Dog aka The New Jim Jones can’t fake it when he’s high. Dre brings those blown out introspective cocaine raps straight out the Fillmore. Although none of these tracks I’m posting get all that deep with it he does have songs about his personal issues like getting rapped in jail and losing his wife. Nickatina has sort of a strange following, it’s like a fucking cult of rap fiends. I like the dude but there are kids out there who live and die by his music. They are very similar to those horrorcore kids who worship dudes like X-Raided and Brother Lynch; shit even Insane Clown Posse has that kind of fanatic following even though ICP having fans makes no goddamn sense. Nickatina’s fan’s aren’t white kids with face paint though, it’s more just people who never wanted to let go of that westcoast gangster shit even after Short left and things simmered down in the bay.

Andre Nickatina – AYO feat San Quinn
Simple bass with a little guitar picks sprinkled over some of that tick tick in the trunk. San Quinn just rides this fast beat inforcing that cocaine on your mind as Andre does his yayo chants. Fucking the day before New Years I saw Andre perform this song and shit was live as fuck. Club full of people screaming “Ayo for Yayo” and my little brother is drunk as shit telling me he can’t move because he’s going to fall over, shit was good times.

Andre Nickatina – My Rap World remix
In Dre’s rap world he bumps 75 girls, Playboy Short right before court. Some casio keyboard tones to match the “laaalalalalalalaaaaa” that he’s got going through the chorus over a simple steady drum with some stabs of some synths to give it some scary nintendo beat tones. There really isn’t much to this song but I that’s what I like about it. Shit is low budget but you can’t stop his rhyme so shit works, although you’ll have to excuse the shitty mp3. My cd drive is a piece of shit and likes to insert gliches in the shit I rip but fuck it, this shit is free so don’t bitch you sissies.

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