Some Bay Shit

Dope Game – Town Shit
Dope Game – Baby

Both of these 12″s have been out for a while now, they dropped towards the end of last year. I lagged on picking them up because I’m lazy and also because any song that’s titled Baby I’m suspect as of. I thought Baby was going to be some bullshit love song with lame ass samples and singing. I was wrong. Shit I never even bought the 12″ my girlfriend did and then she played it at home and I asked her “who the fuck is that?” So then I got the G’s Up/Town Shit 12″. I’d heard Town Shit before but I’m dumb and didn’t realize it was this fucking 12″. Anyways both rock those buzzing synths which seems to be the latest fad in bay area production right now so blown out 6×9’s beware. Baby does get a little soft with that weak pretty baby r&b chorus shit but that synth just stomps through.

Dope Game consists of Husalah, Jacka, Keak Da Sneak, BA and Verstyle. BA use to be in 3xKrazy with Keak and apparently BA wanted to form a supergroup of rappers so he hooked up with Husalah and Jacka. After they started working together Keak wanted to get down and the group was formed. I don’t know at what point Verstyle came in but he’s from chicago so I assume he got down with them later.

buy Baby here

Messy Marv – Get On My Hype

New Messy Marv 12″ that I just picked up courtesy of B-Side in Berkeley. Marv jumping on that buzzing synth train before it’s too late. The beat definetly sounds like some shit off The Team’s album. Marv comes in riding that beat going on some shit about stones on the wrist watch, sideshows, blaze on the scraps, mouth full of gold teeth, green and blue pills with the bird in the center.
buy here

E-40 – Gasoline
b-side to a 12″ that was released in 2003 for his Breakin News album. Been meaning to buy this 12″ for the longest. 40 spitting some of that gasoline over some weird speed up cartoon horns or some shit that almost sounds like circus music. I don’t think anyone but 40 could rock this beat. It fits his delivery and anybody else would just sound corny as fuck over this shit. The song is about how he can’t retire because the game needs him. He spits gasoline because the game would be boring without him. “I wake up every morning to a shot of liquor a shoebox full of herb and some grits and turkey sausage for my liver sellin units out the trunk of my car and just think, I started with a pickle jar from a sixteenth of yowder to a quarter kick of blow to a whole thing of some of that you know.”

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